Pendulum Feeder

Pendulum Feeder

Feeding Granularity:35-50mm

Production Capacity:0-25t/h

Application Range:Suitable to be used in ore beneficiation, coal, chemistry and other departments for sending granulous materials.

Introduction to Pendulum Feeder

Pendulum feeder, a stripper instrument, is widely used in ore dressing, coal and chemical industry. The granular material is sent into the pendulum feeder via funnel from storage cell.

1. Pendulum feeder is able to constantly and evenly feed ore material, and it is installed at the bottom of storage cell or funnel and can have conveying speed not more than 500 mm/s. The device is available for dry and non-agglomerate materials, such as, ore stone and coal briquette, etc.; while it is not suitable for powdered material which is easily to be blogged. On the other hand, it will also doubtlessly influence the cleaning of operational site. At the same time, the machine can be used as dead lock when it is off position. 

2. Because of the worm-gear speed reducer, the pendulum feeder has a rather compact structure. Pendulum feeder can also be equipped with reliable sealing device, which can prevent dust and foreign materials from entering into the machine.

Pendulum Feeder

Working Principle 

Decelerate the motor through a V-belt speed reducer, and the decelerated power is transmitted to the eccentric wheel whose eccentricity is adjustable. The eccentric wheel drives swing backplane through the connecting rod. Ore in the ore bin located in the top of the feeder goes out of the discharging mouth in constant velocity, so as to ensure uniform feeding to the ball mill. 

Operation Instructions 

(1) As long as the screws being connected to proper place of the bottom of storage device, the installation is finished. 

(2) Before operation, we must check whether lubricating oil is enough or not in worm-gear speed reducer and other joint parts. 

(3) Before starting up the motor, we shall pull out dynamic elastic coupling with hand, look over the motion of all the joint pats. If there are any inflexible parts or blogging phenomena, some measures shall be taken to avoid them. 

(4) After having finished above steps, we can plug in and idling for 2-3 minutes. If everything goes well, the machine can be used for normal operation.

Technical Data

Product Size Processimg Capacity(t/h) Motor Power
400×400 0-12 1.1
600×600 3-25 2.2
Product Size Processimg Capacity
Motor Power
400×400 0-12 1.1
600×600 3-25 2.2

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