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Dryer Machine

We mainly provide rotary dryer, drum dryer, limestone dryer, cement rotating dryer, etc.

Rotary dryer is a device used for materials heating and drying. Materials in the rotary cylinder of concentric series are able to be dried in the process of traversing back and forth.

Structure of Rotary Dryer

According to customers’ demand, the gas producer, combustion chamber or supporting elevator, belt conveyer, fixed-quantity feeder, cyclone dust collector and draught fan can be designed respectively in the rotary dryer.

The main body is chiefly composed of the cylinder, front roll ring, back roll ring, gear, and dam roller; drag roller, pinion, discharging part, raising plate, reducer, motor, feeding chute, furnace body, etc.

Working Principle of Rotary Dryer

The reduction of heat dissipation surface helps to reduce heat consumption, and the increasing heat exchanging surface can greatly improve the efficiency of heat exchange. For materials cannot contact smoking, multi-cylinder rotary dryer supplies the internal flue and annular flue inside and outside the cylinder respectively, and each flue uses radical flue to communicate with each other, and it is also efficient and energy-saving. 

Indirect Heat Drier

Indirect heat drier is primarily used for drying granule materials with a certain degree of moisture and granularity, such as yellow sand, molding sand, cinder, clay, and some other small granule materials resistant to high temperature and smoking and dust. The moisture content of the materials shall be below 1 to 0.5 percent after drying. This machine mainly consists of rotary body, raising plate, transmission, back-up unit as well as seal ring. It is characterized by the merit of reasonable structure, excellent workmanship, high production, low energy consumption and convenient operation.

Sawdust Dryer

Sawdust dryer adopts the spiral conveyer to add the granular powder into the drying tube. That is a process of evaporating the moisture in the wet materials during conveying and dispersing of the high-speed hot stream, so as to obtain powdery or granular dry products. This equipment is mainly composed of air heater, feeder, airflow drying pipe, cyclone separator and draught fan. 

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