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Henan Hongxing Ming Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the important mining machinery manufacturing bases domestically. Later, after continuous development, it has been the large production base, which integrates the projects of ore beneficiation, crushing and screening. With the industrial restructuring of the mining machinery, Hongxing Heavy Industries makes the main focus of accelerating the structural adjustment of mining manufacturing and upgrade clear and definite, actively building mining machinery manufacturing base and making a breakthrough.

The main products produced by the company such as cone crushers, sand making machine and so on are widely used in the country's major construction, mining coal, metallurgy, ore crushing, transportation construction, municipal construction, water conservancy and other fields, involving more than 100 industries. It has played an extremely important role in stone shaping, construction waste disposal etc.

In recent years, in accordance with the requirements of structural adjustment and upgrade of the mining machinery, Hongxing Heavy Industries has determined the new development strategy, adhering to the principle of independent innovation, cyclic development, deepening reform and vigorously promoting technological innovation and upgrades, the optimization and upgrade of product and the cluster development of enterprises. 

On product innovation, Hongxing Heavy Industries has done a better job. Many products has obtained national patent. Impact crushing machine has adopted advanced   hydraulic start device and hydraulic insurance system, which can greatly lessen the problem of starting slowly and easy to be out of order. Moreover, it is made from wear resistant materials with advanced design. The crushing equipment uses a unique sealing structure and they are energy saving and environmental protection, which can effectively improve production efficiency and reduce the cost of production inputs. 

Currently, the increasing development of national economic construction, a large number of sand and gravel materials is needed. The company constantly conducts innovation and improvement of mining machinery and the technical content of the crusher developed is high, which has won the favor of many customers in the domestic market. At the same time, the crushing equipment with high scientific and technological content is popular among more than 30 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa, which helps the company to compete in the international market and vigorously promotes the position of innovation strategic of Chinese national industries in the international arena. 

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