Machinery innovation conforms to a low-carbon tide

At present, green building materials have been the major issue in the field of urbanization and urban development, and it is also the major task to strengthen the people’s livelihood and technology. In order to improve the universal low-carbon green awareness and push the social energy-saving and emission reduction work, the government adopts a series of normalized measures about green building materials and construction saving. At the same time, the engineering machinery industry has begun its technological innovation gradually, and to accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading to get integrated into the environmental trend of the building material market in the future.

According to the judgments from the foreign report, the demand for wood-plastic materials from the countries in North America and West Europe augments at the speed of 10% every year. It is estimated that these new-type materials will replace the traditional ones to constantly permeate the building material market, and it will increase at a rapid speed. Under the circumstance that the new material is getting more and more prevailing among the consumers, dealers speed up the improvement of the product appearance, advanced technology integration and the field expansion, gradually a blow of environmental construction material wind approaches.

However, in domestic markets, restricted by the cost, market and technology barrier, the market price is high but the general technology level of the product is lower that has greatly obstructed the large-scale promotion of the environmental building market. But in the coming of the low-carbon era, the trend of green building material of the market development is inevitable. Therefore, the enterprises require its independent innovation development as well as the application of the advanced equipment to create the unlimited development potential of the industry. 

New energy saving and environmental products will become the main trend in the later industry, and it will become popular through its “healthy, environmental and safe” advantage thus providing the opportunity for the coming era of the new building materials. The jaw crusher, cone crusher and impact crusher made in Henan Hongxing, through technology innovation to improve the working efficiency, not only possess the features like superior quality, high efficiency, low energy consumption and less pollution, but also confirm to the trend of being high-efficiency, energy saving, low-carbon and environmental.

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