How to Select Vibrating Screen

  The technical and economic indicators of the vibrating sieve equipment are screening efficiency and yield. The former is quality indicators, the latter is the number of indicators. There is a certain relationship with sand washing equipment between them, also it is related to many other factors, these factors determine the results of the screening:

The factors that affects the vibration screening equipment screening process can be roughly divided into three categories:

(1) The physical properties of the material that was sieved

Including the grain size of the material itself, humidity, mud content and particle shape.

When the fine material content is big, the sieve production rate is also big. When the humidity of materials is big, in general, screening efficiency of jaw crusher will be reduced. But the larger the mesh size is, the smaller the moisture influence will be, so for the materials containing moisture, in order to improve the screening process, we can generally increase the sieve, or adopt wet sieving. When the materials contains large amount of clay materials (when the mud is greater than 8%) , we should use wet sieving, or pre-washing mine.

(2) Screen surface properties and structure parameters

The working principle of vibrating screen: particles and the screen surface make vertical movement, so it has high screening efficiency and large production capacity. The relative motion of particles and the screen surface is mainly parallel movement of the bar screen, the plane vibrating screen, drum sieve and so on, its screening efficiency and production capacity are low.

(3)The influence of production premise

When the sieve load of vibrating screening equipment is larger, the screening efficiency is low. To great extent, the peace rate depends largely on sieve mesh size and overall screening efficiency; the lower the screening efficiency requirements is, the higher production rate will be. We are specialized in the production of Jaw Crusher, sand making production line equipment, welcome to visit our company and test machine.

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