Raymond Pulverizer

Before starting, you should check if all the access doors are closed tightly and check if the the clearances between the crusher palates accord with the feed grain size. Adjust the rotation speed of the analytical engine to meet the approximate finished size requirements. Finally, start the machine in the order.

Raymond mill

1 Start the bucket elevator; 2 Start the jaw crusher; 3 Start the analytical engine until there is material in the silo there is material; 4 Start the blower ( Start without load. Load after the normal run); 5 Start the host of the raymond mill. At the instant of starting the host, immediately start the electromagnetic vibrating feeder. At this time, the raymond mill begins to work. 

Sequence of operations 

Simple sequence of operations is as followings: start: elevator → crusher → analytical engine → blower → host → feeder.

Shutdown sequence 

Shut down each part according to the followings when the raymond mill stops running. 

1 Turn off the feeder to stop feeding.

2 After about a minute, stop the host.

3 Stop the blower after the blowing off the the residual powder.

4 Shut down the analytical engine. 

The shutdown sequence of the raymond mill: feeder → host → blower → analytical engine 

Note: when the elevator transports materials to the hopper of a certain amount, stop the crusher and then stop elevating. The reservoir feeding amount should be the present change. 

5 You are not allowed to arbitrarily refuel when the raymond mill is in normal operation to ensure production safety. If milling machine makes abnormal noise in any part or the load increases suddenly, you should immediately stop the machine to check it. Troubleshoot problems in order to avoid a major accident. The rest material must be removed if you continue to start the machine. Otherwise the power current is too large, which will impact the start. 

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