Hard Rock Impact Crusher

The common breakdowns and solutions of Impact Crusher.

 Hard Rock Impact crusher

A, if crusher abnormally vibrates, it indicates that:

1, the material is too large, and then you can check the feeding size. 

2, wear is uneven, which indicates the counterattack hammer needs to be replaced. 

3, rotor is imbalanced, which indicates the rotor need to be adjusted. 

4, foundation treatment is improper, and then we can check the anchor bolts and reinforce it.  

B, if the bearings of impact crusher emit heat, it indicates that:

1, bearing is short of oil, so we need to timely add fuel; in addition, too much fuel also make the bearing emit heat, and we should check the oil level while refueling. 

2, the bearing is damaged and we need timely replace bearings. 

3, the top cover is too tight and we can regulate the bolts with an appropriate degree. 

C, if the material particle size is too large, it indicates that: 

1, the hammer is worn, and we should replace it. 

2, the gap between hammer and impact plate is too large; we should adjust it to 15-20mm. 

3, feeding particle size will also affect the size of discharging particle size. 

D, if impact crusher belt rolling-over, it indicates that: 

1, the belt is worn and we need to replace the V-belt. 

2, there exists problem in pulley assembly, and we should adjust the pulley to the same plane. 

3, we should pay attention to the quality of V-belt.

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