Energy saving crusher helps the sustainable development of Xinjiang mining

The second session of international construction machinery fair was held in Xinjiang province, China on May16. 319 domestic and foreign enterprises including XCMG, Sandvik, Henan Hongxing participated in this exposition. The three days exhibition has attracted about 6418 visitors from China and Central Asia to visit, negotiation and procurement.

This exhibition aimed at upgrading local construction machinery industry, strengthening regional cooperation and integration of regional competitive industries. 

It was worth mentioning that the stone crushing equipments from several enterprises has attracted the attention of many businesses which contains both Xinjiang companies and neighboring countries. Xinjiang has big resources advantage. The energy saving and high-efficiency crusher plays a pivotal role to promote the sustainable development of local mining. 

A customer from Tajikistan has purchased a set of granite sand making equipment from Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., LTD. The single impact crusher made by our company can fully meet their requirements, and reduce the investment. The maximum output can reached 1500 tons, which fully comply with the demand of granite sand production line. 

As the concept of energy saving and environmental protection goes deeper, the sustainable development of mining gradually attracted people’s attention. I believe this fair will not only offer modern technology and equipment for Xinjiang infrastructure construction, but also drive the sustainable development of local mining by introducing the energy saving and high efficiency equipments.

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