Linear Vibrating Screen in Coal Industry

    According to the preliminary estimates from Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd., when China’s coal selection rate increased by one percentage point, the linear vibrating screen industry can get market share about $ 100 million. The nature of coal determines the high precision of the vibrating screen used in coal screening. Coal is difficult to be screened, therefore, the high frequency vibrating screen used in coal industry must has high quality, excellent performance, high precision, etc. The high frequency vibrating screen with sieve surface width more than 3 meters is the most difficult to be manufactured. 

linear vibrating screen

    With the decline of recent growth rate of overall demand for coal market, major coal enterprises will enhance the coal washing rate, and make upgrade product quality as an important task, which also provides market opportunities for the development of mobile crushing and screening plant industry. The vibrating screen enterprises should develop into standardization, serialization, universal direction, high efficiency and high yield. Only increasing scientific and technological innovation and enhancing competitiveness can gain a firm footing in the market of mobile crushing and screening plant which is in a growing demand for high efficiency and high precision.
    According to China’s coal production in recent years, China’s coal output will reach 4.64 billion tons in this year, so it’s expected that the demand value of screening equipment will be 5.41 billion Yuan, of which the demand value of large linear vibrating screen will be 4.519 billion Yuan. Faced such a large market demand, the high-end vibrating screen used in coal industry is still monopolized by a few domestic and foreign brands. With the introduction of foreign advanced production technology and their own technological innovation, domestic enterprises have got fruit from international high-end coal market.

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