Development History of Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeder

    The electromagnetic vibrating feeder is one of the core components of sand production line in sand and gravel production process, so its development has caught the world’s attention. The china vibrating feeder began in the last century, and stepped into the stage of rapid development in 1980s. In recent years, the United States, Japan, Germany and other countries have carried out a lot of research work on it.

electromagnetic vibrating feeder

    The development of this feeder machine in China began in the early sixties, and with the continuous development of production technology, the vibrating grizzly feeder emerged and got rapid and widespread application in mining equipment market. At that time, technology is relatively backward, so most mechanical products designed with vibration principles have fatal flaw of small size, low inefficiency, complex structure, failure rate, etc.
    In the late eighties of last century, with the deepening of the development of the manufacturing industry, the design and production processes of China’s electromagnetic vibrating feeder products also have been continuously innovated and explored based on the digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology, and China has achieved great development in the design, manufacturing and technical performance of electromagnetic vibrating feeder .
In an increasingly competitive market, with the big changing of business environment, increasingly diversified consumer demand, as well as constantly accelerating pace of change, the structure, design and processing methods of traditional electromagnetic vibrating feeder has been unable to meet the market demand. Therefore, we should move towards to reliability and durability, broader scope and high productivity of domestic vibratory feeder . 

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