Ensure particle size and prolong the lining service life

The rotating disk crusher has been researched since 1960. There are a variety of specifications at present. The domestic rotating disk crusher has four specifications such as 900, 1200, 1650 and 2100. Technology performance can be summarized as: this machine can be able to provide more fine-grained raw materials. Therefore, it is often called as super tertiary impact crusher.

Rotating disk crusher is a kind of spring cone crusher, which is developed on the basis of Simmons crusher. Its structure is basically identical to the Simmons crusher, only added a rotary distributor and special cavity shape. In addition, 900, 1200 rotating disk crusher is equipped with hydraulic release and locking device. The locking force is spring force; the release force is the pressure of hydraulic oil. The 1650 and 1200 rotating disk crusher is locked by hydraulic pressure. The gap between the two mating surfaces doesn’t fill any filler. The transmission gear is spiral bevel gears. 

The distributing device of rotating disk crusher is composed of motor, couplings, worm reducer, V belts, feeding tube ad feeding hopper. It can thoroughly mix and uniform all the materials, and make the materials flow stability around the buffer cavity. It can improve the processing capacity, reduce the power consumption, ensure the product size and prolong the service life of lining board. 

 This machine has unique crushing cavity shape. It contains upper ring cavity, non-broken area, and parallel broken area. Its structure is: in the upper ring cavity, the maximum feeding size is several times than the maximum material size. The height of material must stay in a certain value. The height value depends on the amount of materials in the non-control broken area. While the stability of H value also decide whether it can feed materials quantitatively.

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