Sand maker industry adheres to the principle of innovation first

After carefully analysing the nature of the sand maker industry, we will find a problem that the industrial structure in the current international machinery industry is unreasonable, which mainly shows that the industrial growth mode is still extensive and the technological innovation can not closely contact with the actual transformation. These above problems have a direct impact the realization of the sustainable development in this industry. If we only analyse these problems form the perspective of policy, we should resolve this contradiction form the followings. The related mining equipment industry must adopt a long-term perspective, lay the basis of endogenous growth and proactively blend in the market competition. However, if we analyse these problems from the point of view of technical improvements, the sand maker industry which need integrate into the newest technology must introduce the advanced production technology on the basis of the advantages of reliable structure, stable work, high efficiency and energy-saving. We should firmly occupy the existing industry market through "good quality" not just the simple sense of "low price". As a generic sand making equipment, the application of the sand maker ranges from the building materials to the chemical, which is very broad.

In the operation of the equipment, there will be a variety of simple or complex faults. How to deal with problems? Remember not to feed much in the operation of the sand maker. The crushing cavity will be blocked if the sand maker is fed too much. When the crushing cavity is blocked, you should immediately stop feeding and not start again the feeder until the material in the cavity is crushed completely. It is noteworthy that the machine cannot stoped in this process. In order to maximize the effectiveness of the sand maker, we should make an tour inspection in the operation of the machine, observe the working conditions of the various components and pay much attention to the temperature of the bearings. For large plain bearings, high temperature will prone to cause bush-burning accidents. Another thing you should note is that reducing the temperature of the bearings immediately when the temperature is too high but you must not immediately stop the operation of the machine. 

The structural adjustments of the industry-related products and the transformation of the development pattern will eventually be reflected on the quality of the products and the demand of the market. Realizing the reasonable adjustment of the industrial structure of the mining machinery equipment cannot separate from the national industry engineering research and development center. We should vigorously develop the technology development alliance and strengthen the comprehensive effects of the combination of production, teaching and research on the basis of the laboratory as the backbone. We should master the key technologies, accelerate the upgrading of the industrial technology and abandon the old developmental ideas of technology imitation to make the technology innovation, technology integration as the normalization road in the future industry to make full preparation for achieving the technology innovation of the mining equipment.

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