Trouble shooting increases crusher efficiency

Gyratory crusher common troubles and solutions as follows:

1. Water is mixed in lubricating oil. The reason is that the water pressure in coolant clarifier is higher than oil pressure. We solve the problem by checking if the connected part leakage of coolant clarifier. And ensure the water pressure lower than oil pressure. 

2. The pressure difference of indicating pressure gauge is too large. The reason is coolant clarifier blogging. So, we must clean the coolant clarifier when the pressure difference is over 0.04MPa. 

3. Oil pressure reduction. There are three reasons for that problem. One is the oil pump braking down. The second is the oil temperature in oil box is low. And the third, is that you didn't turn off well the switch. So, we should check and replace the oil pump, heat oil with electric heater, and turn on the switch properly. 

4. Oil pressure increase as well as the reflow temperature. The reason is that oil tube or oil path in crusher machine blogging. We should stop machine to check the real reason and avoid it. 

5. Distil-off temperature over 45 degree. There may be lack of cool water. Or, it may be the high temperature of cool water. So, we should connect to cool water and check the temperature. 

6. Reflow temperature over 60 degree. There must be the problem of eccentricity axis sheath. The solution is the same as 4.

7. Filling gauge indicates the oil is full, but the temperature is 60 degree passed through lubricating parts. We should check the bearing. Or because the cool path is blogged, cool water temperature is high, and liner oil path is blogged. 

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