High Temperature Problem and Solution for Cement Mills

Because the temperature within the cement mill gets too high when the grinding machine is working, it will do harm to the cement mills.

High temperature will cause the gypsum to dehydrate into the semi-hydrated gypsum and even a little anhydrite which will make the cement pretend to coagulate. This will result in the quality of the cement and will lead to cement caking when the cement is to enter the storage bin.

cement mill

The increasing temperature inside the cement mill will also raise the temperature of the materials that enter the powder concentrator and the interior walls and the fan blades of the concentrator will become stickier. This makes the powder concentrating efficiency get lower and the grinding systematic load rate become higher, thus reducing the machine hour production line of the cement mill.

Also, high temperature will influence the storing, packing and transporting processes of the cement which will make the package paper friable, increase the breakage rate and damage the environment. And too high temperature is harmful to the cement mill because of the rising temperature of the bearing and the weakening of the lubrication action. It also makes the barrel produce thermal stress causing the scale board to break; and sometimes the cement mill can’t run continuously.

Spray water into the cement mill to decrease the temperature within the cement mill. It is the ideal cooling method. By spraying atomizing water, the water will vaporize rapidly which won’t weaken the strength of the cement. The sprayed atomized water absorbs the heat inside the cement mill and is carried out of the mill through the ventilation opening.

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