Green Property of the Active Lime Production Line

As the current natural environment gets polluted seriously and the resources are decreasing rapidly, the active lime enterprises start to try every method to realize the low energy and emission reduction as well as reduce the production cost.

The application of active lime production line promotes the cement industry to develop quickly. Its technical parameters, performance and operating condition determine the company’s quality, productivity and investment.

In recent years, the Chinese government has carried out several related policies to support the domestic active lime companies to make rearrangement and integration. A lot of small and lagging active lime production plants are closed or merged into the large scale ones. To some degree, the consumption of the raw materials and energy are well controlled. There is a long way to go for these enterprises.

The active lime production line refers to the process of making active lime which can be divided to cement kiln, metallurgy chemical kiln and lime kiln. The cement kiln with the dry and wet type cement kiln is used to calcine cement clinker. The active lime production line is widely adopted in many industries of building material, metallurgy, chemical engineering and environmental protection.

There are many types of machines that will be used in the active lime production industry. In general, the equipment with big size and strong capacity will cost much. If there is something wrong during the operation of the equipment, it will cause great damage to the customers. Therefore, it’s necessary for us to choose the high cost performance machines.

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