What is the Structure of Mix Type Flotation Machine?

The mix type flotation machine made by our company will be the most effective ore dressing equipment on the market because it’s improved to have the unique features as follows:

flotation machine

1.Pulp chute: It has pulp feeding mouth and the gate device used for adjusting the liquid level and it is mainly composed of mainly composed by the chute body which is melt by the steel board and gate melt by the steel board and steel rod.

2.Mixing device: It is mainly used for mixing the pulp in order to prevent the mineral sand to deposit on the chute, and it is mainly composed by the belt wheel, impeller, vertical shaft and the impeller is made of the anti-abrasion rubber.

3.Air charging system: It is mainly composed by the inlet air pipe. When the impeller rotates, there will produce negative pressure inside the impeller chamber in order to absorb air through the hollow pump line and disperse the pulp in order to form a froth group. This kind of pulp with large quantity of froth will be thrown to the stator fast by the rotary force of the impeller and further mineralize the froth in the pulp, and the rotary movement that is meant to eliminate the pulp flow in the flotation cell will cause large quantity of microvesicle and provide necessary condition for the flotation process.

4.Mineralized foam discharging device: This device is mainly used for scarping the foam floating on the cell and it is mainly composed by the reducer driven by the electric motor and scrapper driven by the reducer.

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