Problems and Solutions for Installation of Rotary Kiln

In the real installation process of the rotary kiln, we often ignore the many tiny errors; as for the installation of the components of the rotary kiln, we may be more careless because most mistakes are quite small. Let’s take the rotary kiln’s base wheel as the example.

First we should know briefly about the mistakes we often make:

1. The feeding and discharging scraping of the oil wedge is unqualified.

2. The wheel’s shaft size and precision haven’t been checked.

rotary kiln

3. The tile-purpose follower bolt, the oil dipper set bolt and the pouring lacquer tray fixed bolt are not all fastened according to the standard.

4. Inside the bottom of the base wheel, the lacquer tray and the bottom size are not checked so that damage will probably happen to the operating wheel.

5. There is serious abrasion happening to the lacquer tray and the inner components of the base wheel, so it’s common to see the tiles broken because of the stuck problem.

Then we need to learn from the following useful solutions about the correct installation:

1. Before installing the base wheel of the rotary kiln, we need to measure the shaft neck size of the wheel in order to get the precise dimension error and circular degree.

2. Check the shaft surface to see if it’s been abraded and scraped. Also we need to make sure that the wheel tile is sealed and not out of shape.

3. The feeding and discharging oil wedge should be controlled reasonably.

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