Working Process and Maintenance of Flotation Machine

Flotation machine is equipment to complete the flotation process, suitable for sorting not only colored black metal, but also non-metal, such as: coal fluorite and talc. There are various flotation machines, of which mechanical flotation machine is the most commonly used.

The impeller of the flotation machine rotates, by the drive of V-belt transmission of the motor, therefore, centrifugal effect and vacuum form. Vacuum, on one hand, inhales plenty of air to mix with the pulp, on the other hand, stirs the pulp to have it mixed with drugs, meanwhile, refines foam to have the mineral adhere to it on top, the foam then floats to the surface of the pulp and the mineralized bubble forms; adjusts damper height, controls liquid surface, so that useful foam is scraped by the scraper blade.

Flotation machine

Use and Maintenance

1. The working ability and duration of flotation machine is determined by the maintenance and keeping the major components of it working. All the working parts should be carefully examined every 3-4 months, and new flotation machine, in the first working months, should be checked frequently.

2. For the timely replacement of wearing parts to minimize downtime, a full set of wearing parts must be reserved in the warehouse.

3. In order to avoid dirt and useless objects mixed with the oil, there should be a filter , when the flotation machine works, oil cap should be sealed.

4. Only by examining and contacting with those in the upper and lower process can the machine be started.

5. When the machine is started, do not use your hands etc. to touch the rotating parts.

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