Excellent Wear-Resistant Equipment and Grinding Media

Our company started in 1995 is now the world leader in differentiated solutions against wear which supplies the widest range of optimized solutions against wear to the mining industry as well as products, services and systems to other industries involved in material size reduction: cement, quarries, recycling and coal-fired power plants.

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We are the experts in grinding media for the mining industry. The developing team of our company carries out research, design, manufacturing and distribution of wear-resistant components and grinding media through the company's extensive understanding of its customers' needs for specific processes of production, the type of wear taking place, and the appropriate materials needed to combat abrasions.

Our grinding media has been specific for different mining applications. It offers help and guidance to customers, from selecting the best wear-resistant alloy, to assessing its impact on grinding chemistry, and the subsequent separation process. Research and experience have indicated that among the three wear mechanisms, corrosion is usually responsible for more than 50%. We promote the use of certain grinding media as an effective method for preventing corrosion products from the media from contaminating the surface of valuable minerals.

We have also invented related machines and systems to measure wear in mining applications. We design and manufacture specific machines and systems to help customers optimize their total cost of ownership. The company has successfully developed relationships with major mining companies all over the world. Because of strong partnerships and our involvement from the very start of major projects, we remain one step ahead with technology.

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