Various Conveyor Belts Can Provide Different Functions

Hongxing Machinery has been producing high-quality conveyor belts since 1995. This vast experience is combined with modern production technology to guarantee Matador conveyor belts will be high-quality, reliable and long-lasting. Our conveyor belts are produced according to Asian and worldwide standards, as well as national regulations and specifications. Our products are used worldwide, making us one of the most prominent European producers.

conveyor belts

We continually work to develop new and improved constructions for our conveyor belts in our Research Institute. We also work in close co-operation with universities that attempt to eliminate the practical problems suffered by conveyor belts.

We have developed the new series of conveyor belts for transportation of loose materials. They can work as a steel cord carcass belt for transport of loose materials over long distances and under arduous conditions. Small elongation under load and low transversal stiffness make them suitable for these arduous conditions. Our conveyor belts are also made for transporting large unsorted materials. They are prepared for transport of unsorted large lump-sized materials, and provide high resistance to fracture upon impact.

Some series of belts are designed for transport of loose material in locations where there is a danger of explosion. In addition, our conveyor belt can also transport dangerous materials that cause severe pollution of the environment and working area. The materials are conveyed in a belt rolled into a closed hose shape. Other belts are designed for the transport of materials borne by a conveyor belt with a sliding surface without roller seats.

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