Introduction to Effective Rust Prevention Measures of Sand Washers

Generally speaking, in order to realize long service life, the mining machinery manufacturers will use stainless steel to make sand washers. It’s the first and best choice in most cases. However, what if we don’t have enough stainless steel at hand? How can we prevent the rust problems when we use the sand washer not made of stainless steel? Here we will introduce some useful tips to customers about the rust prevention measures.

sand washer

1. To realize rust removal through air compression. Usually, the sand washer company will install proper rust prevention device to the sand washer through the air compression. The device will move back and forth or spin to meet different requirements. If the horn shaped grinding wheel, steel wire brush and other parts of the sand washer get rusty, users can clean the rust and do coating and roughening treatment. This method won’t remove the scale cinder with small surface roughness and will realize high quality and high efficiency. The rust prevention measure can be widely used in many fields.

2. To remove rust through the application of high pressure water. In this case, we are talking about adopting the high pressure water spray equipment to realize the rust prevention effect. This method has features of no dust pollution, no damage and high efficiency. However, the rust removal steel board still will be easily get rusty resulted from the application of coatings.

All in all, we’d better adopt good quality sand washer made by stainless steel in order to realize excellent washing effect, so that we will reduce much material consumption and won’t take much time and cost to handle the rust prevention problems.

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