Notes on the Replacement of Accessories and Liner Plates of Ball Mills

The ball mill is serving as an essential device used in the construction industry. In modern times, the ball mill manufacturers have provided us great quality products and services and have made much contribution to the national economy. The accessories and the liner plates are very important to the performance of ball mills so how to replace properly these parts has been a core issue for not only manufacturers but also customers.

The feeding characteristic of the ball mill and the varieties and matching of the grinding materials both have direct relation with the production and quality of the ball mills. It’s reported that any kind of mixed materials will reduce the strength of cement. With different activities, the mixed materials will have different hardness.

Then let’s take a look at several problems that will occur in the process of replacing accessories and liner plates of ball mills and learn how to do it perfectly.

1. The liner plates with 70% of abrasion or with the crack length of 70mm should be replaced in time.

2. The liner plates with broken bolts and the loosening plates should be replaced as soon as possible.

3. When the main bearing of the liner plate is worn badly, we should change it.

4. When the main gear of the ball mill is worn to certain degree, there is no need to change the main gear. We just need to turn it over and keep on using its back surface. For those small gears with serious abrasion, we need to replace them in time.

Based on the above tips on how to replace liner plates correctly, we believe that through strict operation standard manufacturers will definitely save much cost in the process of making ball mills.

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