Flotation Cell Is Indispensable Mining Flotation Device

The flotation is to achieve the separation of the materials according to the difference of the physical and chemical properties of the surface of the ore particles and the difference of the flotability of the minerals. Almost all of the ore can achieve the separation with flotation method. The flotation cell is indispensable mining flotation device.

When the flotation cell works, the ore pulp in the cell is sucked between the blades of the impeller from the surrounding through the bottom of the cell. At the same time, the low-pressure air hollow shaft and the air distributor fed by the blower also enter between the blades of the impeller. After the ore pulp is fully mixed with the air between the blades, they are pushed forward obliquely from the surrounding of the upper part of the impeller. After the steady flow and orientation by the stator, they enter the whole cell and the bubbles rise to the foam stability area. After the enrichment process, the foam overflows automatically from the weir into the foam tank. Part of the ore pulp flow to the lower part of the impeller and it is mixed by the impeller to remix to the mineralization bubbles. The remaining pulp flows into the next groove until is eventually becomes the tailings. 

In the flotation cell, the low-pressure air is distributed in the ore pulp by the mixing mechanism. The mechanism is composed by a rotor and a stator. The former is connected with a rotating hollow shaft, while the latter is fixed on the bottom of the cell. The hollow shaft can be divided into the integral shaft and two-paragraph axis and they are driven by the belt conveyor. The bearing seat is installed on the beam of the top of the cell. The motor is fixed on the beam of the top of the cell through the frame. The height of the liquid level of the ore pulp in the tank is checked by the pulp level gauge and it is sent to the liquid level controller. The liquid level controller is used to control the pneumatic control valve to achieve the automatic control of the liquid level of the ore pulp. 

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