How to improve the yield of disc granulator

The disk granulator is the heart machine of the compound fertilizer works; it directly affects the quality and yield of the balling. Quality standards of the ball: the ball diameter should between 1 ~ 4.75mm with smooth surface. 

Here Honxing ball mill experts tell you the main approaches to improve disc granulator production: 

First, the control of the water content of the granulated particles 

1, according to the powder characteristics, such as: ingredients, fineness, viscosity, humidity, temperature, etc., the water content of the good particles should be controlled between 30 to 28%. 

(1) If the moisture content is too little, it is hard to ball, causing low yields; 

(2) If water content is too big, it may appear too many large balls and ball surface is slimy, easy to plug the sieve surface; 

(3) Only appropriate water content could make high yield. 

2. How to inspect the water content of particles initially in production process: the easiest and most practical way - feel method: hand-handling method-- grab a handful of materials that has become a ball from the disc pelletizer, it is appropriate if they can be gripped into a group and released by a gentle touch with your fingers. 

Second, strictly control the quality of powder 

1. According to the fertilizer formulations, please seriously control the quality of variety of raw materials such as fertilizers and others. 

2. Iron, stones more than 10mm and wood larger than 10mm are not allowed. 

Third, technology critical in operating disc granulator 

Improve staff training to promote the workers technical quality and operational skills. 

Fourth, select and adjust the nozzle 

1. In the selection of nozzle, please master the working mechanism of the nozzle;

2. B-type the spherical spiral or B1 type spiral nozzle are better. 

Restructuring disc new blade 

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