The utilization of fly ash promotes ball mill development

With the development of our industry, the implementation of environmental policy as well as the improvement of human living environment, fly ash, which produced by the thermal power plant has also become an important raw material for the cement industry and building materials industry, and its processing field and utilization of fly ash are greatly expanded. Some feed coals contain a certain amount of precious metals and rare elements, which are source of raw materials that cannot be ignored in certain industries; so the ball mill will surely become the preferred device for fly ash processing industry in the future.

The fine ash collected in flue gas by coal combustion is known as fly ash, fly ash is the main solid waste discharged by coal-fired power plants. China is coal-producing and coal-consuming country, thus the ball mill begins to occupy the market; the fly ash after processed by ball mill can be used as cement accessories, greatly enhancing the concrete function. According to the technological developments of the ball mill, large superfine ball mill have been able to achieve disposable processing of ultrafine powder; after ball mill treatment, fly ash has average particle size and improved surfactant progress; if directly mixing with concrete, it can save a lot cement raw materials, improve the workability of concrete mixture, reinforce concrete plasticity and stability. Fly ash has been widely used in concrete admixtures, hollow brick, ceramics and construction backfill. 

Followed by the development and utilization of fly ash, its space is increasingly broad,the  technical standards of the ball mill is also higher and hinger; Hongxing machine according to the market demand, constantly improves the processing capacity and fineness of ball mill to make it more efficient.


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