Stirring Tank

Stirring tank is a kind of indispensable equipment used in the flotation process. According to different usages, the stirring tank can be divided into the slurry mixing tank, mixing tank, lifting stirring tank and pharmacy stirring tank. First, stirring is used to achieve the liquid mixture of two or more than two mutual soluble liquids to obtain a kind of homogeneous mixture. Second, the stirring can achieve the segregation of two or more than two mutual soluble liquid to obtain a kind of emulsion and achieve the mixture of the gas and solution.

stirring tank

The stirring tub is used for the pulp stirring before the flotation operation so that the ore particle suspension can fully contact and mix with the pharmacy to create conditions for the flotation operation. In the production of the aluminum oxide, the stirring tub is used as the preliminary desilication tank and washing tank. When the black metal, non-ferrous metal concentrate slurry and the coal slurry use the pipeline transportation, the large mixing tank can be used. The lifting stirring tank can both mix the materials and lift materials, and the lifting height can be up to 1.5m. When the pulp gravity difference of the equipment is not enough or the discrepancy is too small, it is not appropriate for pumping, under this condition, the lifting stirring is needed. The pharmacy stirring tank is used for the preparation work for various medicaments in the flotation plant. Since the properties of the medicaments are different, the material of the stirring tank is also different.

The basic principle of the stirring tank is to achieve the mixture of the slurry in the tank through the rotating of the stirring tank. The flow sheet of the slurry in the tank is mainly related to the structure of the tank.

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