The Test Requirements of Cone Crusher

The test without load should meet the following requirements:

(A)The operator should start and stop the cone crushers according to the procedure and the respective interlock system shall comply with the technical requirements; 

(B)When the movable cone rotates in the forward or reverse direction, the revolutions should not exceed 15 per minute. 

(C)There should be no impact sound and periodic noise of the bevel gear wheel in the cone crusher. 

(D)The lubrication system should work properly, the oil pressure should be within the certain range and the oil return temperature does not exceed 50 ℃ (the oil return temperature of the commissioning with load is not allowed to exceed 60 ° C). 

(E)As for the hydraulic adjustment device in the hydraulic equipment, it should be locked tightly according to its operating procedures; the operator should adjust the ore outlet to make its size meet the requirements under specific condition. 

(F)The time of the normal continuous operation should not be less than 2 h; generally, it should be up to the identification requirement. 

The test with load should meet the following requirements: 

(A)The operator should check the projects with load, which have been checked in the commissioning without load. 

(B)The time of the commissioning with load should be kept for two days and nights normally and continuously (the short-stop for inspection is allowed). The amount of the feeding should be gradually increased, from the small amount to the full load. 

(C)The position of the feeding device should be installed correctly and the ores should be evenly distributed in the crushing cavity. 

(D)In the normal crushing process, there should be no sharp vibration and abnormal sound. 

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