ore flotation equipment

Flotation cell is short of concentrator, which refers to the machinery and equipment used to complete flotation process. To add pulp treated by agentia into flotation cell and stir the air to make some mineral particles selectively flotating above bubbles, and collect the bubbles floating to pulp surface to get foam product, while the rest still remain in the pulp to achieve the purpose of separating  minerals. The flotation concentrator has many forms of structure, and the most commonly used is the mechanical flotation concentrator. Flotation cell is mainly used for sorting copper, zinc, lead, nickel, gold and other non-ferrous metals, and the rough concentration and garbling concentration of black metal and non-metallic.

ore flotation equipment 

The impeller rotates when flotation cell works, the pulp in tank will be sucked to impellers from groove bottom through the lower end of the impeller, meanwhile, the low-pressure air will be fed into the tank through the hollow shaft and the air distributor of impeller. The pulp will be pushed out from the first half of the impeller after sufficiently mixing with air, and then entered the tank after flow regulating and orientating by stator. Bubbles rise to foam stability area, and overbrim by itself from the overflow weir and enter into bubble tank after the collecting process. The other pulp will flow to the lower part of the impeller, and then re-mix to mineralized bubbles after stirring by the impeller, while the remaining pulp flows to the next tank and eventually become tailings.

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