Ore Elevator Machine


Bucket elevator, a kind of lifting equipment used for self-unloading materials under gravity, is the replacement of traditional bucket elevator. Bucket elevator is not only suitable for vertical conveying powdered, granular, small block and abrasive or non-abrasive materials, such as cement, coal, limestone, dry clay, clinker, etc., but also vertical conveying of bulk and abrasive materials (such as, limestone, cement clinker, gypsum, lump coal), but the material temperature must be controlled below 250℃.

ore elevator machine


Bucket elevator is composed of running parts, driving device, the upper part, the central shell and the lower part. The driving device of bucket elevator adopts a variety of driving devices (depending on the actual needs of users), and the overhaul rack and railing are mounted on the driving platform, which can be pided into left installation and right installation; the upper part of the bucket elevator is installed with track (double chains), backstop, and the discharging port is equipped with anti-material rubber sheet; the central shell is equipped with track (double chains) to prevent the chain swing in work; and the lower part is equipped with automatic tensioning device.

Characteristics: Good sealing and less environmental pollution; easy to operate and maintain, less wearing parts; low using cost, less maintenance cost; reliable operation and advanced design principles ensure the reliability of machine operation; good rigidity and high accuracy of structure; the shell has a good rigidity and good appearance after hemming and welding; small mechanical size, compared with the tradutional elevator.

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