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A. Most Recently Develop Product Cooling Machine

There are many types of mining machine, and cooling machine is different from cement plant. 

A. Piston chillers 

   The advantages of piston chillers 

   1. Simple materials. We can select General metal materials, which is easy to process and price low.

   2. System devices are simple, and easy to lubricate, and need no lubricating device;

   3. Performance is improved by adopting multi-head and high speed Multi-cylinder; 

   The disadvantages of piston chillers 

   1.Many components, and many are easy to damage but difficult to repair, and high maintenance charge; 

    2.Low ratio of compression, Single refrigerating capacity small; 

    3.Bad adjusting ability of single head part, only cylinder control no infinite adjustment 

    4.Up and down movement with big vibration. 

    5.The weight index of per refrigeration capacity is high. 

B.  Screw water chillers 

      The advantages of screw water chillers

        1.Simple structure, fewer moving parts, fewer damageable-part,l less working failure, long working life.

        2.Steady circular motion, low noise, small vibration;

        3.The ration of compression reaches 20, notable energy saving, high EER;

        4.Convenient adjustment, high efficiency per hour of some load;

        5.Small volume, light weight, and can be made into big capacity device featured by stereo totally enclosed

        6.Be not sensitive to wet stroke;

        7.pressurized operation without the problem of External invasion corrosion

 The disadvantages of screw water chillers

 1.Price is higher than that of piston chillers;

 2.single-machine capacity is less than centrifugal chillers, and rotate speed is still lower than centrifugal chillers

 3.Lubrication system is very complicated, more oil consumption;

 4.High noise than centrifugal chillers,

 5.Strict requirements of high working and assembly accuracy.

 C. Centrifugal chillers

 The advantages of centrifugal chillers

 1.High rotate speed of impellers, high capacity of gas transportation, Single large capacity

 2.Fewer quick wear part, reliable work, compact structure, steady rotation, small vibration,

 3.The weight index of per refrigeration capacity is low;

 4.Refrigerating fluid without mixing lubrication oil, Good performance of evaporimeter and condenser.

 5.High EER, theoretical value gets to 6.99;

 6.Convenient to adjust.

 The disadvantages of centrifugal chillers

 1.single stage compressor will surge under the condition of low load, and rotate steadily in full load;

 2.Strict requirements for material strength, process accuracy and quality;

 3.Working efficiency will fall quickly when the working conditions deviate from designed working, and the cooling capacity reduces more quick than that of piston chillers;

 4.Outdoor air is easy to enter, and having the risk of generating chemical changes and rotting pipeline.

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