High Frequency Ore Screen

The features of high frequency ore screen:

1. The high frequency ore screen adopts the advanced design principle, which is a vibrating screen with new structure.

2. Vibrating exciter does high frequency vibration and can screen static by driving sifter through transmission mechanism. Vibrating system is designed to work in resonance state, and the whole equipment has damping support, which makes the ground bear no dynamic load, and the screen machine needs no fundation. The high frequency ore screen can be directly installed on the smooth ground or common platform with steel structure.

high frequency ore screen

3. The vibrating frequency of sifter is 50Hz, and the amplitude is 0-2mm, and the vibrating intensity is about 8 to 10 times of gravity acceleration, about 2-3 times of general moto-vibro screen. The sifter is with high screening efficiency, big operational capacity, so it's especially suitable for the screening of fine powder materials. 

4. The sifter is made of three different flexible screens. The compound net is working net, which do screening by directly touching with materials; and the bottom is backing screen, which is used for separating stress and transferring vibration. 

5. The installation angle of screening machine is easy to adjust, and the installation angle usually is 23-27 degrees. We can adjust the leaning angle of screener on the basis of parlicle size of minerals. When the inclination is close to 55 degrees, the size can get to 300 mesh, and the screening efficiency can be up to 75 percent.

6. The vibrating parameter of screening machine is controlled by computer and can be adjusted independently. 

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