Design Method of 3D Modeling of Cone Crusher Parts

The new cone crusher is a kind of new product based on the design methods of the HP800 cone crusher. This kind of rock cone crusher enhances the strength of the parts of the machine in terms of structure, which can be more in line with the high-strength requirements of the parts of high-energy crusher. In terms of the crushing way, laminating crushing is used. The size of the mine opening and the swing stroke of the moving cone are enlarged to increase the rotating speed of the spindle. With the same feed particle size, we can get the finer products with high crushing rate. Therefore, the new cone crusher is a kind of promising crusher with superior performance.

From the foregoing paragraph, this further research and development of this kind of cone crusher is very necessary to produce the technical services is necessary to achieve the industrialization. The traditional design methods for studying have the following shortcomings. When we modify the original design and serialization of the design, we must spend a lot of time and energy on geometric drawing. The graphical expression is not intuitive. The traditional design is backward and the design efficiency is very low, which can not achieve the pre-assembly. The interference checks in the assembly can not be carried out. We can not predict the over constraints before manufacturing. In addition, we can not get the output speed and the accelerated speed. 

The physical dimension of the components of the parts can be got by mapping. Add the geometric dimensioning and the shape of the parts into the model when the part models are created. Remove the unwanted parts of the certain geometry. In the PRO / E, the geometry shape is the features for creating. The specific design methods are summarized as follows. 

First, establish a reasonable order of modeling. During the modeling, you should first analyze the structure of the cone crusher parts in order to determine how to establish a baseline and a variety of generation features. The basic features of the parts should be as simple as possible. Second, establish the blank model of the parts. Based on the understanding of the structures of the components, you can use the drafts of the Pro / E design to establish the model of the blank model, namely the characteristic of the substrate.

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