The existing problems of vibrating screen in developing new product

The secretary-general of ore beneficiation equipment committee Zhaoyang Feng said, the vibrating screen industry will keep growing driven by the development of coal, iron ore, nonferrous metals mining, steel, chemical, electricity, cement and other industries. The total demand is expected to reach 9.23 billion Yuan.

With the increasingly fierce competition in the international market, the product quality and new product research are the serious obstacles to the development of vibrating screen. The technology innovation is very slow; one manifestation of this is less investment in the research. The research and development expense accounted for a very small share of the whole saleroom. The investment is only 1% in the general enterprise, but the large enterprises are more than 5%, some even have 10%.

The second performance is the lack of researchers. The share of researchers is only about 1% in our enterprises. The share in the developed countries is higher than 10%.

The third performance is the imperfect of relevant management and development systems. Although some vibrating screen manufacturing enterprises have the technology development organizations, their research and develop ability is very low. They have a wide gap compared with developed countries.

The fourth is less use of social scientific research resources. Social development and enterprise consumer is disjointed. The research results have low-degree commercialization.

We can see that the international competition is the race of science and technology, quality and efficiency, not just the game of speed and number. Technology innovation and enterprise management have been the important factors affecting the development of vibrating screens industry.

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