Bearings of ball mills become vital for its uprising development

Along with the tendency that uprising has become the popular trends for ball mills, it has become extremely urgent for the ball mill to get wholly innovated in the aspect of technology. Just as the times produce their heroes, the transformation of the ball mill’s bearings proves to be a ladder towards progress.

As a result of the uprising, the bearings serve as a critical part in the ball mill that their steady operation would immediately affect the mill’s normal operation. It has altered from the traditional small one to the present large one with the barrel diameter reaching to 7 meters. Its main bearings principally comprise common sliding bearing, rolling bearing, dynamic pressure bearing, static dynamic pressure bearing, static pressure bearing. 

At present, the static pressure bearing is widely used in large-scale energy-saving ball mills due to its property of high reliability, long service life, little energy consumption, great bearing capacity etc. No matter the ball mill is static or rotating, the entire fluid lubrication is realized through a thick layer of oil slick formed between the bearing bush and hollow shaft under the high-pressure oil outside. The lubrication state of the static pressure bearing has little to do with the oil slick pressure or rotating speed. When the mill starts to work, the space between the bearing bush and the hollow shaft remains a pure liquid friction and lubrication status, which is not easy to abrade the bearing bush. What’s more, the carrying capacity of the static pressure bearing is concerned with the oil pressure, therefore increasing the oil pressure can raise the supporting capacity of the oil slick. Due to the fact that liquid static pressure bearing working under a pure liquid lubrication state avoids immediate contact among surface of friction pairs. Therefore, there’s little abrasion and the lifespan is long. Theoretically, the service life is able to be prolonged indefinitely.

Nowadays it is becoming more and more rigorous for the demands of ball mill that technical innovation remains the crucial point for it to win the market share. Hongxing Mining Machinery is always perseverant in this way to create better equipments for the customers!

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