Cement ball mill lubrication and managing ideas

At some cement factories, cement mill bearing is likely to be burned, which belongs to major accident. The main reasons for it are foreign materials entering into bearing or the poor lubrication system. In some cases, it can lead to damage to hollow shaft neck of bearing. Once burning occurred, it needs over ten hours or even a couple of days to repair. In order to solve cement mill bearing lubrication and management problems, people keep on researching sealing modes, installation technology and lubrication measures to guarantee bearing running in good condition. Here, we take 02.2mx6.5m cement mill as an example, talk about the oil lubrication of bearing.

Generally, cement plants often choose dynamic pressure lubricating method, which is major I will discuss in this article. At first, we should choose proper lubricating oil as well as additives, so that improve milling machine lubricating condition. The work features of cement mill bearing are large overload and linear velocity, suffering from impact and vibrating; the size of bearing bush and hollow shaft is also big, the improvement of shape, size, accuracy and smooth degree are effected by manufacturing conditions. Therefore, main bearings do not guarantee total liquid lubrication, but in boundary lubrication conditions. Excellent boundary lubrication (depending on the performance and strength of boundary film) can significantly reduce the coefficient of friction, reduce bearing wear. So, according to temperature, linear velocity of hollow shaft, and main bearing overload, we can make a favorable choice to lubricating oil type. In south China, as for this type cement mill, we can choose N220 and 0320 industrial gear oil in winter and summer respectively. On the other hand, due to discharging port temperature is higher than that of feeding mouth, we might take it into consideration that high viscosity oil can be chosen as lubricating oil for bearing at the end of discharging port. 

Secondly, depending on regular use period, we should add or replace lubricating oil at regular time and proper amount. Besides, lubrication oil management and waste oil recycling is also an important work. 

Thirdly, we should establish a perfect cement mill check system. Cement mill worker shall check main bearing temperature, oil quality and oil amount regularly. Especially when it comes to abnormal oil temperature, the worker is suggested increase check frequency. He should report in no second once found machine abnormal. 

To a large extend, cement mill malfunction is caused by no proper lubricating of main bearing. As cement machine develops to the direction of large scale and automatic, it is necessary to make out a thoughtful predictive maintenance plan. 

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