Dry magnetic separator saves water no pollution

At present, the ore tailings in China annual discharge about 0.4 billion to 0.5 billion tons, taking account one third of industrial waste. Among them, metal ore tailings take 25%, metallurgical slag takes 26%, chemical slag takes 4%, coal fly ash and coal slag take 35%. Metal recycling and processing will no doubt use magnetic separator and other matching equipment. Ore tailings process makes use of gravity and magnetic concentration production, so as to recover iron ore from ore slag. As for different metals recycling from tailings, we have to use spiral tank, shaking table and magnetic separator matching with different ore dressing process. For the time being, the advanced equipment such as disk magnetic separator for weak magnetic field, drum magnetic separator with big drum diameter for medium magnetic field and high gradient magnetic separator have been applied to metal concentration process.

Dry magnetic separator is a new type of high efficiency magnetic separation equipment which produced by Hongxing mining machinery company. The whole magnetic system made up of high performance rare earth Neodymium Iron Boron materials and high quality ferrite materials. A cleverly open magnetic circuit design makes the highest magnetic induction in tube sheet selection field be up to 0.8T, which is 3-5 times of the conventional magnetic machine. The magnetic force in magnetic selection field can achieve strong electromagnetic magnetic separator level. 

In the process of iron concentrate powder production, concentration factories will spend 5 to 7 tons water when producing 1 ton ore. If calculated according to 6,000 tons ore production a day, the daily water consumption is about 3,500 tons. In order to save water to maximize, mining and processing plant produced dry magnetic separator. This kind of magnetic separator makes discharged tailings precipitate in the thickener and thick pool successively. The clarified water can be sent to workshop by high pressure water pump and used once again. It achieves wastewater zero discharge in the production. 

Dry magnetic separator saves water without secondary pollution. In the operation, the machine spends less power than other magnetic selecting machine. And it doesn't need exciting current consumption. Dry magnetic separator is high treatment capacity as the open magnetic circuit design. It has no clogging problem when runs. As the magnetic system is protected by roller drum from directly contacting with materials, the equipment is low running cost. Besides, it adopts dynamic magnetic system, the magnetic materials are sliding on drum surface, which is good for drum cleaning. Moreover, drum doesn't attach materials, which is good for improving fine ore grade.

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