Academic Research of Ball Mill in Mineral Processing Equipment

Automation’s academic research of mineral processing equipment focuses on colleges and universities, and universities are for dissertation research. Drawing on research results in other areas, mineral processing automation in new ways has been made, and simulated through computer. It can be said that in terms of automation theory of mineral processing in colleges and universities at the forefront, fruitful results have been achieved. Many ball mill studies have significant reference value, and provide new ideas and solutions for automation applications of mineral processing.

ball mill

Hongxing ball mill uses smart control method and improves the artificial network technology. Hongxing has made a breakthrough in traditional limit thinking way in research method, and combines information technology, control theory, smart optimization method and floating wash technology research, and has created a new way for settlement international problem in floating process of automatic control area existing for long-term.

Hongxing has researched structure, level and decisions output model of diversity information fusion fault diagnosis of ball mill equipment, and analyzed complex characteristics of important parameter (overflow flow concentration and fine degrees), which has integrated smart control of algorithm, established grinding mine industry, and integrated automation of model structure. Hongxing pointed out that side-by-side algorithm is important way to solve complex problem of grinding industry process.

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