Analysis on Domestic Mining Machinery Market Demand

Since entering the 21st century, market demand of mining machinery is increasing. Related data shows that, the growth rate of mining machinery in our country is stable at 35%~46%. Market demand not only leads the economic growth of mining machinery manufacturing, at the same time, contributes to the technological process of the whole industry, so a large number of large advanced products with independent intellectual property rights has been emerged, narrowing the gap with advanced countries.

With the development and integration of the global economy, domestic mining machinery users, especially large mining machinery users, have teamed up with international standards on mining technology and equipment procurement, so the price advantage of domestic equipment in the domestic market may not always play a much larger role. Hongxing experts conclude that domestic market demand for mining machinery and quality is manifested in the following aspects:

mining machinery

1) Large scale high-tech equipment is one of the development tendency of mining machinery. With the rapid development of the China’s economy and the expansion of domestic mine development, equipment specifications are required to be large and very as world class.

2) Technical performance of our mining equipment generally can not below similar products in developed countries, such as reliability, availability of equipment, automation or intelligent control, safety and environmental protection and so on. This requirement is closely related with development trends of mining machinery technology and environmental issues.

3) Individual requirements on process and equipment are very important. Disposable resources are lacked of concern to the whole world, coupled with the poor of China’s mineral resources and the direction of symbiotic development of comprehensive utilization of mine, so users has stricter requirement on process and equipment.

4) Resource-saving technology and equipment is one of the requirements when users purchase mining equipment, including energy efficiency, consumption indicators of equipment, materials utilization, equipment wear-resistant materials, water and air consumption indicators of processes and equipment and so on, which not only reduces the cost of production, but is our resource policy-oriented.

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