Maintenance and Repair of Electromagnetic Vibration Feeder

1. Maintenance of electromagnetic vibration feeder

(1) Periodically check whether screws in all parts loose or fall off.
(2) Regularly inspect whether clearance changes, dirt deposits seriously, or spring plate fractures.
(3) It is not allowed to empty feed bin in order to prevent material impacting to the trough.
(4) Controller should be placed in dustless, dry, low-temperature and good-ventilation position, and dust should be cleaned frequently. If working in high-temperature environment for a long time, it is neccesary to set a fan for heat dissipation.
(5) if iron core and armature have crash, please take immediate overhaul.
(6) As for electric equipment, check whether the wiring of electromagnetic vibration feeder in control box is loose or fall off; if find any mobility, please connect and tighten it according to the principle diagram. Check the thyristor thread between shell and heat sink and tighten it, so that the rectifier keep good heat dissipation.

Electromagnetic Vibration Feeder

2. Repair of electromagnetic vibration feeder

(1) When replace spring steel of electromagnetic vibration feeder, please use 4 pieces of top wires on both sides of chassis to tighten connecting fork, and fix connecting fork in correct position.
After replacement, loosen these screws and lock back cap, then start the machine; re-tune the mahcine, and confirm replaced spring steel plate has same specifications with the original one.
(2) Tuning: mount spring stee according to the original number and tighten three big top threads so that elastic system close to the design requirements.
Tune the air gap between iron core and armature, and spring plate group according to the method mentioned in section Adjustment and Commissioning.
Under the rated voltage and power flow, and the amplitude within the scope of 1.75±0.2 mm, we can tighten or loosen top threads to make amplitude reach 1.75 mm.
If amplitude is slightly big, please tighten the top threads; if small, unscrew them within a third ring.

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