Safe Beneficiation Will Increase Recovery Rate of the Tailings

The needs of improving recovery rate of the magnetic iron of processing plant should be met according to the strength of the process indicators of all dressing operations and the control of the equipment status. The operating process standards should be determined according to the properties of the ore and the recovery rate criteria of the magnetic iron of processing plant to grasp the technical operations and the compliance of the equipment status. We should mainly control the operating adjustments and the magnetic field strength of the grinding granularity, sorting concentration and sorting equipment. At the same, we should strengthen the organization of production, keep the status of the sorting device intact and reduce the start and stop to prevent the  metal leakage of the pump and control the tailings within reasonable limits.

We should take active measures to improve the recovery rate of the magnetic iron. There are many factors affecting the recovery rate of the magnetic iron in the mass production. Although we have taken several management measures in daily production, the unreasonable phenomenon of the loss of magnetic iron in the tailings still exists, which is very incompatible with our current tense situation of mineral resources. Therefore, appropriate investment and measures are imperative to control the unreasonable loss of the magnetic iron. In order to fundamentally enhance the recovery of the magnetic iron, reduce the tailings and metal loss, the mine plant has proposed to increase the magnetic separation facilities to re-separate and recycle the tailing in the whole plant according to the analysis of the magnetism of the tailings and the re-separating and recycling test, which is first implemented in the waterworks and has received good results. The recycling processing flow is as followings. The tailings in the processing plant is transported to the tailings recycling plant. The concentrates generated and re-separated by the magnetic separator are transported to the ball through the pump for centralized processing as qualified concentrates. The tailings generated are transported to the stockpiling of the tailings through the pumping station.

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