Effective way to do a good job of engineering machinery management and maintenance

Under the rules of market economy, competitions between enterprises become more and more fierce; construction companies focus on operational efficiency and urgently require reducing device management costs and improving economic efficiency. Do a good job in machinery and equipment management and maintenance can further improve business efficiency.

1, Improve and regulate the machinery and equipment management system, establish and improve an appropriate administrative organization; build machinery and equipment statistics system, strengthen unified management, and establish detailed technical files, do regular checks; implement merit system and give full play of operators and maintenance personnel.

2, Strictly implement maintenance system to ensure the normal operation of the machinery and equipment; Maintenance is an important factor affect equipment normal operation, so we must strictly implement routine and regular maintenance system. Machinery manager should develop effective maintenance program in accordance with the mechanical maintenance manual and checks the implementation of maintenance at any time, strengthen the responsibility sense of the majority of operators, mobilize their enthusiasm and ensure the normal operation of the machinery and equipment, to extend service life of machinery and equipment and reduce maintenance costs.

3, Increase technical training and strengthen the technical quality;

With the continuous development of modern technology, machinery and equipment are constantly upgrading, which requires the construction and technical staff continue to enhance new knowledge and technology, and scientifically use mechanical equipment.

4, Implement the upgrading of machinery and equipment to create more benefits for the enterprise

The upgrading of machinery and equipment directly affects the construction efficiency and competitiveness of enterprises. Therefore, enterprises must strictly implement Equipment decommission system, and do better in the upgrading of machinery and equipment. In this process, be sure to follow the principle of mechanical replacement, through scientific testing, resolutely update mechanical equipment of serious wear, poor technical performance, high energy consumption and low efficiency to ensure construction quality and safety. Keep good condition of the machinery and equipment in construction projects to strive for greater economic efficiency, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and lay a solid foundation for the development of enterprises.

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