Lime Pit, Indirect Fired Rotary Kiln, Horizontal Kiln, Horizontal Lime Kiln

    The lime pit, indirect fired rotary kiln , horizontal kiln and horizontal lime kiln are key equipment in dry process cement production line mainly used for drying cement clinker. The lime pit, indirect fired rotary kiln, horizontal kiln and horizontal lime kiln mainly consist of the cylinder, the supporting device, the wheel supporting device with gear, the transmission device, the lubricating device, the active kiln front, the sealing device of kiln end, and other components. The kiln body of the cement rotary kiln shows a certain tilt, and the whole kiln is supported by roller device, and equipped with parking-brake device, which controls the up and down of the kiln. 

rotary kiln

    The lime pit, indirect fired rotary kiln, horizontal kiln and horizontal lime kiln have wide range of applications. Apart from drying cement clinker, the cement rotary kilns also can be used to dry the clay, limestone and other materials. In the production of refractory materials, using the cement rotary kiln to dry the raw materials can make the products stable in dimensional, increasing in strength, and so on. In the metallurgy of nonferrous metals and ferrous metals, such as iron, aluminum, copper, zinc, tin, nickel, tungsten, chromium, filing, and so on, the cement rotary kiln can be used as the smelting equipment, firing and roasting the ores, ore concentrates, and intermediate materials.
    Characteristic: Secondary center lifting device and new combined lifting device are adopted to ensure no wind tunnel phenomenon of materials and improve efficiency of heat exchanging; Distribution of variety of circumferential material lifting device can effectively regulate and control the drying time with a good drying effect; Supporting high-temperature flue gas roaster can burn materials rapidly to provide adequate and high thermal efficiency heating with a coal consumption lower than 15kg of standard coal/ton dry material; cement rotating dryer can set heating, drying, dust collection as a whole, to achieve operating mechanization and automation, and meet environmental requirements.

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