An important development trend of magnetic equipment is large scale

In 1965, we has designed and manufactured wet type permanent magnet separator using strontium ferrite as material, and got success in the Bengang Nanfen ore beneficiation plant. It got to spread and application soon, and realized weak magnetic separator permanent magnetization and serialization. At the same time, electro magnetic separator and 128-c3 belt type weak magnetic separator introduced from the original Soviet Union had gradually become obsolete. The permanent magnetic weak magnet separator played a dominant role.

Weak magnetic separating equipment has got rapid development in the last 20 years. An important develop trend of permanent type weak magnetic separator is large scale. The cylinder diameter has developed from 600mm, 750mm to 1050mm, 1200mm, 1500mm. the length has increased from 2100mm, 2400mm to 3000mm, 4000mm. multi-cylinder in tandem has significantly improve the processing capacity. However, the most widely used equipment is still the e1050 type permanent magnetic separator. We also actively used the new high and permanent magnet material (NdFeB) to increase the number of poles. The additional poles and compound magnetic field further enhanced the performance of permanent magnetic separator, matured and expended the ranges of applications, especially in the process of magnetite beneficiation. It has greatly improved the iron ore concentrate grade and recovery, and got very good technical and economic indicators.

Magnetic roasting can be divided into reduction roasting, neutral roasting and oxidizing roasting according to the principle. Studies have shown that the particle size has significant effect on the magnetic properties. The magnetic susceptibility decreases with the particle size. However, the coercivity value increases with decreases of particle size. This is especially apparent when the particle size less than 20-30 microns.

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