Flotation Machine Enters Numerical Control Production Time

Flotation machine is an important member of the mining machinery family, is a kind of typical high energy low consumption equipment and the most effective machine currently, playing an irreplaceable role in various industries. New generation of flotation machine because of its superior performance and low price gets high praise by the buyers; with the development of the market, the future flotation machine market will play a more important market initiative. 


Mineral processing equipment achieved leaps and bounds of development after the reform and development; how to survive in the industry is a question that each preparation equipment manufacturer must consider.
Hongxing iron ore concentration plant proceeds from the perspective of customers and produces first-class quality processing equipment, as well as providing customers with the most professional guidance of advanced processing technology, which is the key to lead the market trend over the years.
Faced with the low carbon energy saving requirements, Henan Hongxing takes independent innovation on beneficiation equipment research and development, and gets the high praise of users, making a significant contribution for the sustainable development of the whole mining machinery industry .
In recent years, our country has become a big power in the production of flotation machine; at the same time, flotation machine industry also become an independent emerging industry category; the further development of flotation equipment injects new vitality for domestic mineral processing industry and even the entire industry. Twelfth five-year plan makes the development of new type flotation equipment as an important project for heavy industries and pillar industries to the rise of central China so that realize the intelligent production in flotation machine equipment and improve industrial process flow and dressing grade. So far, related experiments show that the flotation machine's intelligent numerical control production time has come.


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