Superfine Grinding Mill for Calcite Grinding

     The existing small, rough machining, low grade of products, short industrial chain, low economic efficiency, low added value, and unchecked mining problem of calcite mining enterprises and the existing processing enterprise has caused great waste on calcite resources. The government management and long-term mechanism on calcite mining and processing will contribute to the development of calcite industry, and good processing equipment, such as crusher machine, grinding mill and other calcite crushing and grinding equipment can effectively improve the technology content of calcite mineral products, so as to improve the processing of concentration, extend the industrial chain, improve the comprehensive utilization of resources, as well as increase the added value. Calcite is the main mineral composition of limestone, dolomitic limestone and marble widely used in construction, metallurgy, chemical raw materials, etc.

grinder mill

    Calcite grinding is mainly a process of crushing and surface area increasing. The binding force between molecules and solids must be overcame, so as to increase the surface area. The grinding process of calcite is the process of energy expending. In the current economic situation, energy saving, low consumption and environmental protection are general requirements on superfine grinding equipment. Therefore, Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. has researched and developed a series of calcite flour grinding miller, such as, ultrafine mill, ball mill, ultrafine grinding mill, ultra-high pressure V-type mill, the European milling machine and other equipment. These mills use electromagnetic vibration feeder to feed materials, so the feeding has features of uniform feeding, easy adjustment, small volume, light weight, low in energy consumption, convenient maintenance, low noise, little dust pollution and so on.

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