Magnetic separation equipment in china has obtained breakthrough

With the rapid development of scientific and technological progress and steel industries, the magnetic separator equipment in China has also rapidly developed and continuously obtained  breakthrough, whose application has been further promoted. The first is the application of the permanent magnet of the magnetic separator in weak magnetic field , and a new high-performance neodymium iron boron (Nd-Fe-B) rare earth permanent magnet materials, which has significantly improved the magnetic induction the performance of equipment. Then all kinds of magnetic separator and the strong magnetic separator came out were improved. The high gradient magnetic separator was enhanced to a new level. At present, China's development and production of magnetic separator equipment is a world leader except the superconducting magnetic separator equipment. Superconducting magnetic separator equipment has come out and it has developed from the laboratory-type to semi-industrial type. Now it has entered the industrial application stage.

There are several advantages of fine-grained dry magnetic separator equipment of weak magnetic field. For example, the process is simple and does not consume water, which saves dehydration, concentration and filtration operations. Therefore the investment and cost is low and the plant area is small. However, the drawback is that technical indicators are sometimes low, especially with the rising demand for environmental protection, dust pollution caused by dry separator is difficult to drawn. Therefore, since the 1970s, the application of fine dry low intensity magnetic separator machine has became less and less, which is gradually replaced by wet low intensity magnetic separator machine. At present, the fine dry low intensity magnetic separator machine is used only for the concentrator in the dry and cold areas. However, as an important equipment for throwing tailings in the concentrator, the large piece of ore dry-type permanent magnetic separator (magnetic pulley) continues to promote the use which plays an important role for the concentrating mills' energy saving. 

The scope of application has also been expanded because of diversified types of magnetic separator equipment and continuous improvement of performance. The scope is from the separator of strongly magnetic mineral to the separator of weak magnetic minerals, from sorting coarsely to micro-fine material separator, from the separator of iron ore to the separator of non-ferrous ore and a variety of industrial minerals. It is used coal system, and then used for many other sectors such as chemical, food, environmental, waste water waste treatment, even for medical and other aspects.

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