Rational design of the ball mill is crucial

Ball mill is the specialized equipment for crushing materials, it plays an extreme important role in the crushing process and it is one of the indispensible super-fine grinding mills. Rotating part is considered as the most important among the feeding part, discharging part and the rotating part, which is composed of the quill shaft, barrel, lining as well as the rotating gears. What should be noticed here is the function of the cylinder’s liner, it plays a vital role in protecting the barrel’s rotation and reducing parts’ abrasion.

The material of the cylindrical ball mill’s barrel is steel plate, the material of the lining is ceram. And the material’s property determines the proportion size of the grinding ball mill. According to different discharging modes, ball mill can be classified into grate ball mill, overflow ball mill and wind discharging ball mill. Since it is the fine grinding equipment after the smashing procedure, the ball mill is mainly applied in the field of processing mine and grindable materials. Due to this characteristic, the ball mill is widely used in numerous industries like cement making, silicate making and building materials etc. When the ball mill is in operation, the contact ratio is small when devices mesh with each other, but the impact is huge. If any point of the gear bears excessive stress, the gear tooth is prone to break. The way to handle this is to revise and process accurately each gear’s parameters in the accelerator. 

During the application, because of the quenching aggrandizement layer, the ball mill will be presented with the phenomenon that it can hardly support the block contact load thus being crushed and deformed. The effective way to deal with it is to reasonably optimize and design the heat treatment, ascertain the bending degree of the tooth root then through quenching strengthening to ensure a lasting support for the contact load of the machine to decrease the times of introducing the additional load as few as possible. This series of measurements aim to guarantee a stable and high-efficiency rotation of the ball mill during its operation. At the same time, it reflects the fact that a rational structure design is significant for a normal operation of a device.

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