Iron Filings Dryer for Electricity Power Generating

     The electricity power generating with garbage has become a reality, and as an indispensable element of the waste-to-energy drying operating procedure, the iron filing dryer has slowly appeared into the people’s eyes. How to dry different kinds of garbage quickly? How to Intelligent control drying temperature, and not burning garbage inside the dryer? These questions have slowly come into the mind of public people. Faced with garbage flooded condition, experts of the world have not only limited to the control and destruction of garbage, but also actively take effective measures to carry out scientific and rational Comprehensive Treatment and Utilization of garbage. China has rich resources of garbage, which is a great potential benefit.

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    Nowadays, the loss caused by rubbish each year of cities across China is nearly 30 billion Yuan (transportation costs, handling costs, etc.), and its comprehensive utilization is able to create effectiveness of 2,500 billion Yuan. At present, Shanghai and other cities have begun the construction of waste incineration plant. The electricity power generating with garbage refers to collection garbage and classification. Therefore, high-temperature incineration of higher fuel value is important process of power generating.
    There are several ways of waste-to-energy technologies, and the most famous of which is mechanical grate incinerator, fluidized bed incinerators, rotary incinerator, CAO incinerator, etc. The early way of garbage disposal of abovementioned form should be used iron filing dryer, because only the dry garbage is easy to be born. Therefore, the market prospect of raw iron filing dryer is very good and broad.

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