Daily Use and Maintenance Management of the Crusher

Crusher after repairs
This is a repair form when the industry started in the Western industrial countries. During the process of using the crusher equipment, it cannot be repaired until it is not reused due to the accuracy and transmission problems.

Crusher preventive repair
The preventive repair is a kind of repair system, and is planned before crusher equipment damage, In addition to the recovery of the equipment technical status, work performance, and also preventing the sudden failure in the course of the work.

1. Pre-repair system as the main pillar of the repair system, it is based on the cycle structure and complex system. The repair form is divided into overhaul, medium repair, minor repair and inspection. It is based on the complexity degree of the crusher equipment, and according to the types of the crushing machine and forms of production organization, deciding how long will you inspect the crusher equipment for once, you can have a small repair after checking several times, constantly you can have a medium repair, and then after that, you can have a major overhaul.
The daily repair points are responsible by the equipment operator, also known as online check. Different models of crushing machine can develop different point inspection standards, including the detection project, method, criteria, and it is strict to do the daily point inspection records.

2. Regularly check the main contents: Examine the main output parameters of crushing equipment, determine the degradation degree, find out the defects, put forward the next preventive repair plan and required spare parts, exclude the defects. You can make the regular inspection and the first-level maintenance combined.

3. Reliability center repair (RCM), has been widely applied to the United States, and has been promoted in the nuclear power plant, and petrochemical industry, etc, and the relevant military departments of China also begin to use RCM. .

RCM roughly has three steps:
1. confirm the important function of the project, and analyze the equipment system and parts. When the faults occur, you should find out the hidden dangerous conditions that can influence the equipment safety, applicability and costs of crushing machine.

2. Analyze and judge the failure mode, harm degree, and effect of the important functional project, when the parts of project occur fault.

3. Adopt the logical decision, determine the content of the repair work, applying the logic analysis to put forward the cause of the failure, influence, the structure of the equipment, and material, and degrade environmental data, combining with the failure phenomenon, and determining the effective targeted repair for industry and the repair time according to the repair data.

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