Techniques to Select the Surface of Vibrating Sieve

The screen surface is the main working part of vibration sieve. At present, the screen surface adopted by the domestic mainly includes metal screen surface and non-metallic screen surface; the former is made of low carbon steel, high carbon steel and manganese steel; and the later is made of rubber, nylon and polyurethane.
The vibrating screen surface can be divided into fixed screen surface and vibrating screen surface. Fixed sieve surface is immobile, the mineral particles parallel to the screen surface movement, so screening efficiency is very low; on contrary, due to the intense vibration of vibrating sieve screen surface, mineral particles are vibrated in the way of nearly perpendicular to the sieve in the screen surface direction; the higher vibration frequency, the higher screening efficiency. However, the sieve screening efficiency of the same nature is also different with the screen surface movement intensity difference; too large or too small screen surface movement intensity are both not conducive to fine-grained through sieve.
To certain materials, the productivity of vibration sieve mainly depends on the width of screen surface and screening efficiency depends primarily on the length of screen surface. In the case of sieve productivity and material moving speed along the sieve surface keeps constant, the greater the width of the screen surface, the thinner the thickness of the material layer; the greater the length, the longer the sieving time; decreasing the thickness of the material layer and lengthening the sieving time are helpful to improve screening efficiency.
Under normal circumstances, the vibrating screen is mounted obliquely in order to discharge the material on the sieve. Inclination size should be fit: too small angle leads to the material move in the screen surface slowly; conversely, too large inclination leads to the materials are discharged too quickly, causing lower screening efficiency. After some time, it is necessary to periodically check the screen surface so as not to affect the screening efficiency of the vibrating screen.

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